Monday, March 20, 2017

Baby Shower // Akron

This weekend was such a great one! Mostly in part to the amazing day I had on Saturday, thanks to my wonderful friends and family.

My first baby shower was Saturday, March 18th at Uncorked Wine Bar in the downtown Akron area. It was put together by two of my best friends - Michelle and Alissa. I have no words for how much I love these ladies...they put so much time and effort into making the most beautiful shower and perfect day for me. I am SO lucky to have friends like them!  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bumpdate // 2nd Trimester

Now that I've made my way into the 3rd Trimester (crazy!), I thought I'd do a quick update on how the 2nd Trimester went. It's going by so quickly, I can't believe it. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow, so only like 70 more days to go - and that is if she holds on for the entire time! 

We had a bit of a scare the other day with my blood pressure during one of my routine OB checkups. But, after checking and double checking, everything seems to be fine. Keeping a close eye on it though!

Monday, March 13, 2017

All Over Glow // 100% Pure

Happy Monday my lovelies! 

I wanted to start the week off by sharing a cruelty-free product that I have been loving lately! This is All Over Glow in "Lightly Sun Kissed" by 100% Pure. 

This is a natural and vegan bronzing illuminizer, that contains light reflective pigments. I heard about it through Logical Harmony and loved the way it made her skin look, so I quickly went online to pick one up for myself.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Battle of the Cruelty Free Cleansers

I have been trying out a few different cleaners lately to try and find my favorite, or the one I want to continually use on a regular basis. I had a favorite, but when I discovered the brand was owned by a parent company that tests on animals, I decided to switch it out.

Cleansers are obviously important, as I wear makeup nearly every day and I need a strong but gentle product to make sure my skin is getting totally cleaned. You know when you wash your face and then go to dry it off, and there is makeup left behind on the towel? Yeah, I wanted to find something that keeps that from happening ;)

Over the past couple months I have focused on three different cleansers and have given them each a "rank" ...and found one that I fell totally in love with! 

Friday, March 3, 2017


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Hello my lovely followers :)

I took a little break from the blog and social media this week, but don't worry - I will be back next week in full force. Posts coming soon include:

// Battle of the Cruelty Free Cleansers
// Wet n Wild Foundation Review
// 100% Pure All Over Glow Review