my name is emily
nicknames include em, emmy, sis, and babe

my favorite color is white 
if I could have any job it would be running an animal rescue
dogs and elephants are my favorite animals
i love the ocean more than any place on earth

i met my husband, aaron, in 2011 at a mutual friend's graduation party
we've run in the same group of friends for ages, but never met until that night...
...despite being at many of the same parties and events over the years!

he proposed 6/3/15 on our 4th anniversary
we were married on 10/3/16 in the mountains of north carolina
you can find the posts about our wedding here

i have two step-kids
damian is 17 and aubrey is 10

we have three fur-babies
deedee is a doberman and is 3 years old
dexter is a blue doberman and is 2 years old
hazel is a grumpy cat and is...old {over 10 at this point but not sure exactly}

this blog started years ago to share my love of beauty products and fashion
but it's morphed into somewhat of a combo lifestyle / beauty / fashion / little bit of everything blog
thanks for stopping by!

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