Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend photo dump

Hiya! This week started out hectic right from the first thing on Monday. My supervisor went to the hospital over the weekend due to a potential heart attack (found out yesterday it wasn't) so she has been out the past few days to rest up! And when she is out, my life is crazy - been going non-stop at work since yesterday, but I wanted to take a quick second to share some photos from the weekend!

Nothing major to report - movie night, bonfire and drinks with friends, shopping, cleaning, etc. Here is a quick Instagram dump! 

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{ the perfume collection is simultaneously running low }
Flowerbomb will always be repurchased because it is my favorite fragrance of all time.
But I need some suggestions for other good perfumes to look into! 

{ one of my favorite pieces of decor }
Elephants are my favorite and I've always loved this white china one I got from Target a few years back.

{ his & hers drinks }
IPA for him, Shirley Temple with a splash of Grey Goose for me ;)

{ bonfire }
Another fun night with some of my favorite people! 
Don't ask what happened here, I have no idea ;)

{ supporting local business }
My fabulous neighbor opened a yoga studio around the corner from our house!
I stopped by to pick a t-shirt and will be taking class this week since I have time in the evenings while school is on break.
If you are in the Columbus area, check out OhiYoga!

{ dog looks like a lady }
This little princess is always so proper - case in point, dainty crossed paws.
I'm obsessed with her <3


  1. Hah yes dog looks like a lady! Curious how you like yoga so keep me posted. I've been obsessed with Gucci Guilty perfume for a while now but Marc Jacobs Daisy is also a goodie!

  2. Sorry to hear about your supervisor, but glad she's feeling better!! I'm in the same boat with perfumes - so can't wait to see what you decide on!

  3. Tyson always lays like that and I always praise him for how proper he is!!! Yay for joining a yoga class..I wish Cbus wasn't an hour away, Zanesville doesn't really have any classes to offer! I like that shirt though!!!

  4. ohemgee that elephant is so cute! love the ohiyoga tee! oh my gosh, your poor supervisor - hope she is ok now!

  5. I hope your coworker is okay! How scary! Love the pic of you and your lady friends! Looks like fun! :) Deeds is so stinkin' adorable! :)

  6. Haha the way she's sitting is so proper! Adorable.


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