Tuesday, May 7, 2013

sonya renee.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I thought I'd post a quick outfit-of-the-day from Sunday and share one of my favorite jewelry items - by Sonya Renee.

Spot the lazy kitty ;)


Sunday's Outfit

Old Navy taupe tee and Rockstar jeggings
Bamboo wedges
Botkeir satchel
Sonya Renee Sugar Baby necklace - Green amethyst

Upclose of Sonya Renee Sugar Baby necklace

Just love Sonya Renee jewelry!

I first discovered it through Lorraine (The Current Custom) who's fabulous store in Sarasota, Florida carries the line.
I would love to own pretty much any Sonya Renee earrings, especially the teardrops or hoops (my favorite styles).

I currently have my eye on the dainty wishbone and side-ways cross necklaces.

Sonya Renee Jewelry available HERE

xx em


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    1. Thanks Eliza! They are one of my favorite pairs :)

  2. this jewelry is very nice and attractive.
    thanks for the tips.jewelry store Sarasota


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